Youth programs

Welcome to our 2024 Elizabeth Manor Racquet Sports Program

Welcome to our 2024 Youth Tennis Program

– Programs are open to Members and Non-Members
– Age ranges for class are guidelines.  The main factor for classes is level appropriateness
– Pre-Registration and Payment are required prior to class starting
– Proper attire is required.  Jeans are prohibited and proper shoes are required

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Tiny Tots (Ages 4-6)

For students 4-6 years old who cannot rally from 1/4 court. Parent participation is encouraged for maximum productivity and to teach parents simple progressions for practice with their child on their own. Class focuses on basic hand/eye coordination skills needed for tennis.



Rising Stars (Ages 7-10)

These students cannot rally from half court yet.  Class starts close to the net with short swings focusing on ball judgement, control and learning to properly square the racquet thru contact zone. Class will gradually move back to half court allowing participants to refine strokes.



Challengers (Ages 9-12)

These players are getting better with stroke production, consistency, and depth.   Students are learning to execute all basic shots.  The serve will start to be developed with importance placed on proper grip and ball placement. Students in this class will be encouraged to play outside of class.